The main mandate of the Department is to coordinate and harmonized  the Monitoring and Evaluation systems operating across the Government Departments and support the institutionalization of a harmonized framework at both National and Sub-National levels

The functions are as follows:

  • Develop and maintain a framework to support the monitoring, evaluation and reporting of government performance at the national and sub-national levels, in line with the national development goals and objectives;
  • Monitor and evaluate government performance at sectoral level (to measure performance of government policies in each sector of the economy), institutional level (to measure performance of government institutions) and program level (to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of public programs);
  • Develop and publish the Nigeria Country Report as the primary medium for the dissemination of performance information
  • Develop evaluation capacities across government at the federal and state levels to ensure that the quality, results, and impact of programs and expenditure can be measured at reasonable cost;
  • Collaborate with MDAs to develop results-focused, key performance indicators and clearly defined performance targets upon which progress will be measured
  • Develop the data management system for the National M&E system, including data collection tools, identification of data sources, frequency of data collection and data transmission plan;
  • Recently, the National Monitoring and Evaluation Policy was approved by the Federal Executive Council (FEC) in 2022 to serve as guiding framework, that will ensure all policies, strategies, programmes and projects are systematically uniformly assessed for effective and efficient implementation. It will also measure programmes and projects impactfulness on the population and ensure avoidance of incidence of poorly implemented abandoned or distressed programmes and projects.

Publications and Reports