The unit is primarily attached to the Office of the Honourable Minister/Deputy Chairman of the Ministry. The Unit ensures high Level efficiency and effectiveness in its daily functions through basic application of correct procedures. The services offered in the unit are in tune with today’s competitive environment best practices and have of necessity created its cutting-edge difference in the discharge of its functions.

The Protocol Unit function is all embracing, covering a wide spectrum of activities of the Honourable Minister/Deputy chairman, Permanent Secretary the Ministry and the entire staff (Internal and External Publics). Some of the functions include

  • Honourable Minister’s Movement
  • Movement and itinerary of Top Officials
  • State Visits
  • Courtesy Calls
  • Official Meetings
  • Commissioning Ceremonies
  • Liaison functions
  • National Day/Anniversary Celebrations
  • Passport procurement
  • Visa Procurement
  • Travel Arrangements (Passages)
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Reception
  • Event Management (Stage managing all the “behind the scene” activities and disputes so that they do not intrude on the actual event)
  • Managing the Principal and other staff in the department or unit and ensuring that results are achieved through them
  • Planning, coordinating, consulting all protocol functions
  • Communicating through routine reports, progress made, challenges, and feedback to ensure the Ministry is moving ahead


  • Budget Help Desk
  • Budget Office
  • Budget Appropriation
  • 2019 Budget Appropriation as passed
  • 2019 Budget Proposal Breakdown
  • Breakdown of 2019 FGN Approved Budget
  • 2018 Approved Budget Details
  • 2018 Budget Breakdown By The Minister