We have, in keeping with our commitment to national transformation, evolved and begun the implementation of several innovation policies and programmes aimed at achieving faster and more sustainable socio-economic growth in all parts of Nigeria.



To be an effective and efficient change agent for quality and innovative service delivery institution towards the growth and development of NPC and the national economy at large.


To promote service excellence in NPC compliance and reforms for continuous optimum quality improvement and satisfaction for the public.

Ministerial Servicom Unit was inaugurated by the Honourable Minister/Deputy chairman Dr. Shamsudden Usman, CON on Thursday 15th November 2012.

On August 12th 2014, the Honourable Minister/Deputy Chairman, Dr. Abubakar Olanrewaju Sulaiman created a new division called Reform Coordination out of Ministerial Servicom Unit and this division was merged with Ministerial Servicom Unit on same day to become Reform Coordination and Service Improvement Department as directed by HOS of the Federation through Circular #  HCSF/CMO/EM/243/17 dated 11th March 2014.

The department is currently headed by a Director/Nodal Officer who is being supported by  2 Assistant Directors and other officers

Reform Coordination Division

In areas where we have found them necessary, the current administration has boldly undertaken essential reforms to keep our ship of state on an even keel and foster a conducive environment for inclusive economic growth and development.

The Agenda for National Transformation and other reforms of the current administration are being implemented in tandem with the strengthening, carrying forward and completion of laudable programs, policies and projects initiated by previous administrations in consonance with our belief in the continuity of government for the good of the nation.

In the past four years, the country have dedicated full energy and all available resources to national renaissance, rejuvenation, growth and progress in several areas including national infrastructure, social services, power supply, education, health care delivery, agriculture, transportation, aviation, rail services and electoral reform.

We have, in keeping with our commitment to national transformation, evolved and begun the implementation of several innovation policies and programs aimed at achieving faster and more sustainable socio-economic growth in all parts of Nigeria.

Mandates of Reform Coordination Division:

  • Manage the Department to serve as focal point for driving all change, reform, innovation and improvement efforts within the Commission in line with the overall framework set by BPSR, OHCSF and other Central Agencies of Government;
  • Work with leadership of the Commission to identify processes, systems and service gaps and with BPSR and OHCSF to develop interventions to eliminate such gaps
  • Coordinate, drive, monitor and report on the Reform Agenda for the Commission
  • Manage and drive SERVICOM aims and initiatives within the Commission to ensure the development and implementation of charters, raise citizens satisfaction, increase citizens awareness, develop robost performance monitoring & reporting systems and ensuring the sustainability of SERVICOM
  • Troubleshoot service failures and develop proposals to address them;
  • Research and identify good practices that can be adopted/adapted to improve service delivery in the Commission;
  • Liaise with the Commission’s Departments and the OHCSF to develop, refine, improve and recommend more efficient processes and systems for the Commission to achieve its objectives;
  • Develop and launch initiatives to drive and mainstream a continuous service improvement culture within the Commission
  • Develop and deploy change management tools and practices to institute sustainable improvements in the Commission
  • Assist the leadership of the Commission to articulate and coordinate their change agenda in line with Service policies and standards

Ministerial Servicom Division

SERVICOM is a social contract between the Federal Government of Nigeria and its people.  It gives Nigerians the right to demand quality service.  The details of these rights are contained in Service Charters, which all government MDAs where services are provided to the public must have.  It is in this Charters that each MDA inform the public what to expect and what to do if such services were not rendered or fall short of their expectation.

Ministerial Servicom Division

  • Mrs Adesola O. Oluyide Director, Reform Coordination & Service Improvement/Nodal Officer
  • Mrs. Angela Guar Service Improvement Officer
  • Mrs. Caren Idahor Charter Desk Officer
  • Mrs. Lawretta Oyakhaemen Customer/Complaints Desk Officer
  • Mrs. Victoria Isiorho Secretary to Director/Nodal Officer
  • Please direct all enquiries to: Honourable Minister, Ministry of Budget and National Planning
  • Attn: Director, Reform Coordination and Service Improvement Dept/Nodal Officer Ministry of Budget and National Planning,
  • Plot C31010, Adekunle Fajuyi Crescent, Central Business District, Abuja Email:servicom@nationalplanning.gov.ng Tel: 08054864471