The commitment of the Federal Government of Nigeria in addressing the problem of huge infrastructure gap in all the sectors of the Nigerian economy necessitated the development of the National Integrated Infrastructure Master Plan [NIIMP] as a government blueprint for building world class infrastructure required to grow the economy, enhance quality of life of the citizenry, create jobs and improve Nigeria’s global competitiveness.

In line with international practices, the establishment of an Infrastructure Delivery Coordinating Unit (IDCU) was recommended in the NIIMP to serve as a central, specialised unit to coordinate delivery of infrastructure priorities and initiatives. An interim IDCU was consequently established in the National Planning Commission (NPC) to, among others:

  • project packaging and support;
  • master plan monitoring and evaluation
  • capability building
  • communication and marketing;
  • project financing


Development of the NIMP:

  • i. In November 2013, the Federal Executive Council [FEC] approved the framework for the development of NIIMP with the NPC working with the Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission [ICRC] and McKinsey & Co as coordinating consulting firm;
  • The National Economic Council (NEC) endorsed the draft, which was approved by the FEC on 21 November, 2014.

Development of the NIMP:

  • Implementation of the NIIMP commenced immediately with the creation of the Infrastructure Delivery Coordinating Unit [IDCU], a dedicated coordinating unit in the NPC
  • Messr World Energy Consult and Chinon Consult Limited were engaged to provide consultancy services to ensure the smooth take-off of NIIMP implementation, including a governance structure for the IDCU and investment framework.

Coordination Implementation by Federal MDAs

  • In line with FEC approval, 14 MDAs with heavy infrastructure project were encouraged to establish Infrastructure Delivery Units [IDUs]. The Federa Capital Territory Administration and Ministry of Communication Technology communicate the positive response on the matter.
  • Workshop on investment generation was organized for the 14 MDAs and template for generating data prospective PPP projects was completed by these MDAs and submitted to the IDCU.

International Development Partners Support

  • The NPC engaged the international development partners (IDPs) from the inception of the NIIMP project. The World Bank, UK Department for International Development (DFID) and African Development Bank AfDB particularly supported the process and indicated interest in supporting NIIMP implementation. The last meeting with the key IDPs in July 2015 suggested a reality check of the NIIMP and articulation of request for support.
  • A proposal for Technical Assistance was sent to the AfDB and meetings were held on it on March 2014, April 2015 and October 2015 on the proposal. The proposal is being finalized for submission.
  • A meeting with the European Union in January 2015 on technical assistance for institutional strengthening of the IDCU.

Private Sector Engagement

  • A meeting with private sector firms was organized in May 2015 to concretize investment interest in the NIIMP. Subsequent meeting was held with Delloite for technical support and Offshore Capital & Asset Investment LLC on the proposal for deployment of €100 billion Infrastructure Fund to finance NIIMP priority projects.
  • A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the NPC and The Infrastructure Bank PLC on support for implementation of the NIIMP. A Work Plan has been harmonized for operationalization of the MoU
  • A consortium comprising Adams & Moore (UK), Bolaji Ajibola & Co and Dikko & Mahmoud are working with the IDCU to organize Infrastructure PPP Summit. Arrangements for pre-Summit activities such as capacity building workshop, public-private dialogue and establishment of Community of Practice have been finalized. A MoU has been drafted for legal backing of the partnership.
  • The Nigerian Society of Engineering (NSE) has been working with the IDCU on the 2015 Annual NSE Conference on November 16-20, 2015 in Akure, Ondo State, which will focus on the NIIMP. The IDCU is coordinating public sector stakeholder’s participation and a paper has been drafted for the Permanent Secretary to present at the Conference.

Next Step

  • The following key activities have been lined up for implementation in 2014:
  • Fine-tuning priorities for 2016 budget with complement of potential bankable projects
  • Review of the NIIMP document to ensure validity of NIIMP macroeconomics, investment framework and financing plan
  • Development of a Delivery Plan with pipeline of priorities for the period 2016-2019
  • Operationalize the The Infrastructure Bank LC MoU
  • Finalize partnership with Deloitte
  • Finalize proposals for IDP support especially AfDB
  • Maiden Quarterly meetings of IDCU-IDUs
  • Dialogue with OPS
  • Launch and running of bi-weekly ‘Infrastructure Nigeria: Online News Digest”
  • Production and circulation of the maiden annual National Infrastructure Report
  • Development of Framework for State Infrastructure Delivery Plans