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In accordance with the Public Procurement Regulation issued by the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP), the Procurement Department has the responsibility of processing all Procurement activities including following:

  1. Submission of the Procurement Plan prepared by Procurement Planning Committee to the Tenders Board for Approval
  2. Preparation of tender notifications and request for expression of interest;
  3. Preparation and Submission to advertising media of documents for: soliciting quotations, prequalification, bidding and request for proposals;
  4. Issuing documents for: soliciting quotation, prequalification, bidding and request for proposals;
  5. Receiving and arranging opening of: prequalification documents, bid, quotations and request for proposals;
  6. Submission of evaluation report to the Tender Board for: prequalification, bids, quotations and consultants’ proposals for approval;
  7. Submission of quotation for minor value procurements to the Accounting Officer for approval;
  8. Making arrangement for contract negotiation;
  9. Making arrangement for contract signing by Accounting Officer;
  10. Preparing documentation for submission to the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) for approval
  11. Preparing responses to complaints for submission to the Board for approval
  12. Preparation of documentation on complaints for submission to the Bureau; 
  13. Preparation of all data and information required by the Bureau. 
  14. Any other assignment that will be given by the Accounting Officer that may be necessary to enhance performance of the procurement function.

The Department is headed by a Director and the Name is Mr. Simon Agenyi