To be an efficient image-maker that effectively communicates and publicizes the activities, programs, goals and objectives of the Ministry.



To create a better understanding/awareness for the Ministry’s mandate/activities in the eyes of the public (stakeholders) and at the same time create and promote a positive image for the Ministry.

Among others, apart from keeping a close mutual working relationship with the various media organizations, the Unit is responsible for the direction of information management as discretion dictates, in order to maximally bridge all gaps in communication flow, thus putting the Ministry’s image in its proper context

Information unit in an organization works directly under the office of the Chief Executive. In the case of BEP, the Unit reports to the Honorable Minister/ Permanent Secretary and, by extension, covers all the Ministry’s activities.

Basically, the unit is charged with the responsibility of regular gathering, compilation and dissemination of information, and keeps records of activities of the Ministry. Under its proper coordination, effective coverage of activities of the BEP is provided and maximum publicity is given through print, electronic and social media.

The unit also employs effective media relations through regular and periodic interaction with various media organs/channels to create a better understanding of the Ministry’s mandate, and enhance its corporate image.

Brief on Information Unit:

  • Support Unit, basically responsible for the general coordination of press and public relations matters for the Ministry - publicizing the activities of the Ministry and promoting public awareness of Ministry’s function by – creating and sustaining positive corporate image for the Ministry
  • Info unit functions largely dependent on the volume of activities being carried out by the mandate departments in the Ministry
  • Services provided include; - (regular)
  • Daily news monitoring (press review/cutting)
  • Issuance of press releases/statements on activities of the Ministry
  • Organizing press conference/press briefings
  • Liaises with the media organizations
  • Organizes and produces adverts/announcements for publication
  • Organizes/coordinates press appointments/interviews for the Minister.
  • Media/press coverage for the Ministry’s public events
  • Upkeep and update of the Minuistry’s photo news board.
  • Regular update of the Ministry’s website in collaboration with ICT unit