In the bid to providing a robust website to facilitate stakeholders’ engagement on Social Protection, the Ministry of Finance, Budget, and National Planning in partnership with Save-the-Children has completed the development of a web application resource for members of the Social Protection Community of Practice (CoP).

The Permanent Secretary, Budget and National Planning/Chairman, Technical Working Group(TWG) National Social Protection Policy (NSPP), Mrs. Olusola Idowu, in her opening remarks at the validation meeting of the new Social Protection Website, said that the process would enhance stakeholders’ engagement in the review of the NSPP.

Idowu, represented by the Director, Department of Social Development, Budget and National Planning, Mr. Bello Sa’adu, stated that the purpose of the meeting was to ensure effective and efficient functionality of the resources as well as the information contained in the website.

According to her, the Website would serve as a resource for greater collaboration and networking amongst members of the Social Protection Community of Practice (CoP) adding that it would also function as an interactive repository system for sharing and storing learning resources on Social Protection.

She further reiterated that members of the CoP would include all stakeholders that were involved in the implementation of social protection at the National and Subnational levels of Government

In her words “as you may be aware there is no better time to validate this website than now due to the ongoing process of the review of the National Social Protection Policy. Thus, this website cannot be validated without the inputs, views, and comments of the relevant stakeholders that are involved in the implementation of Social Protection”.

Earlier, the Senior Social Protection Specialist, Sheila Nkunika, in her welcome address, stressed that the aim of the meeting was to inform participants about the CoP website, explaining that CoP was a knowledge-sharing group where members were expected to share what was being done in their various States and Zones.

She maintained that the meeting would aid stakeholders harness information and form a synergy in terms of Social Protection while Save – – Children would assist in boosting capacity for the Social Protection Initiative.

Director of Information, BNP.