Dr. Anne Nzegwu

Director, Reforms Co-ordination and Service Improvement


Brief Biography

Dr. Anne Nzegwu is the Director of Reform Coordination and Service Improvement Department, as well as  Chairperson of Freedom of Information Implementation Committee in the Ministry. She has an OND in Accounting, BA in Accounting, MBA in Finance, and PhD in Business Administration. With over 29 years combined experience in Accounting, Managerial, Retirement/Pension, Taxation, Monitoring, Evaluation, Capital Market, Compliance and Regulatory areas, she is known for her multi faceted skills. She has worked in different areas of the Financial Industry and held several senior managerial and executive positions both in private and public sectors.

Dr. Anne excelled to the rank of Vice President position in Securities Compliance & Operations for about 6 years prior to her return from United States after 23years. She joined National Planning Commission end of March 2007 as a Deputy Director/ Head of Monitoring & Evaluation. While in NPC, she has worked in various areas including Energy Department, Social Development Department, Head of SDC - Vision 20-20 Secretariat and currently the Director, Reform Cordination and Service Improvement Department.